Badel Media is at the forefront in assessing the potential and feasibility of Blockchain technologies and their disruptive approach in the creative and media industries.

Since the beginning of 2016, distributed registry technologies, such as blockchain, have been part of Badel Media's development of expertise and projects. Strong networks have been developed with specialists in the field, enabling rapid identification of the expert resources required for the development of complex projects.

Badel Media has...


Contributed to initiating and funding, through the Canada Media Fund, the first blockchain prototype in the broadcast industry in Canada: Blockchain TFO (Groupe Média TFO, 2017).


Designed, organized and hosted the first event on blockchain and the film industry in a major festival: EFM-Horizon / Berlinale 2018.


Moderated or helped to organize among the first panels on the topic in the film industry with the Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA), Frontieres / Marché du Film de Cannes - Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal), TIFF 2018 (RDV Canada -Telefilm Canada).


Conducted the first research in Canada on the impact of the blockchain on the film, television and video game industries (with the support of the Canada Media Fund, Telefilm Canada and Le Pôle Médias HEC Montréal).

Badel Media collaborates now with Three Lefts, one of Canada's most advanced technology solution development companies. Badel Media and Three Lefts combine their expertise to develop blockchain applications in the creative and media industries.