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Digital Business Solutions

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Blockchain Solutions

Badel Media has been a pioneer since 2016 in evaluating the possibilities of implementing this approach to address the issues of rights, financing and content monetization. The studio is now developing the Platz platform, whose objectives are to improve rights management and monetization and stimulate project financing and connections between investors and creators, and creators and with their audience.

Business Strategies

Since 2015, Badel Media has been involved in more than 100 projects in digital media, gaming, film, TV, music, multimedia installations, including coproduction. Based on a concrete involvement in the Canadian media environment and a vast knowledge of the public and private organizations that characterize it, Badel Media benefits from market intelligence that is strategic. The objective is the realization of innovative concepts and solid business models. To that end, we are now also integrating our deep knowledge and expertise of token-based systems that can bring value to rights monetization strategies, audience engagement, project funding, and measurable impact investing.

Publications & Conferences

Badel Media is at the crossroads of digital technologies and the media and creative industries. The studio has been involved in 50 conferences, panels and workshops, following the organization with Telefilm Canada, at the Berlinale-EFM 2018, of the first major conference on the subject at an international festival, “Let's Change with Blockchain!”. Conference which was followed by “Tokenizing the Film Industry” at TIFF in September 2018. Badel Media is the author and partner of the first research report on the blockchain and the media industry in Canada, published by Telefilm Canada and the Canada Media Fund (2019).

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