February 20, 2018

Why the Blockchain Could Fundamentally Change How Business is Done in the Film Industry

"Manuel Badel of Badel Media in Canada discussed other strong points of how blockchain technology can improve the film business"

Stephen Robert Morse

February 11, 2019

EFM Horizon explores blockchain in motion

Manuel Badel of Badel Media presented the results of his research into blockchain technology.

Vassilis Economou


September 18, 2018

How the New 'Atari' Movie Could Revolutionize Film Finance by Tokenization on the Blockchain

What is a token, again? In the realm of blocks and chains that act as a transparent ledger of digital transactions, a token is an asset that has been converted to a digital value as panelist Manuel Badel of Badel Media explained it, offering a few handy slides to illustrate.

Oakley Anderson-Moore


February 27, 2018

BVOD (Blockchain Video on Demand), “Crewfunding” and VR Enthusiasm at the EFM’s Horizons Section

We should not confuse this with bitcoin,” insisted Digital Media and Blockchain consultant Manuel Badel, who separated the utility of blockchain technology from the current spate of ICOs (initial coin offerings)

Tiffany Pritchard


Manuel Badel

Manuel Badel is a senior consultant and speaker, specialized in digital media financing, production, distribution and business models. He is a CIO Certified Blockchain Professional, focused on innovation and business applications of blockchain technologies in film, TV, digital media and gaming sectors. Manuel Badel contributed to initiate Blockchain TFO, the first prototyped solution of its kind in the Canadian broadcasting industry (2016-17); designed, organized and presented the first blockchain conference and workshop in a major film festival (Berlinale/EFM-Horizon 2018); is the author of the first research on blockchain and media industries in Canada (2019).

Manuel Badel benefits from a deep knowledge and expertise in Canadian funding programs, incentives and tax credits. He has worked on a diversity of digital projects, such as, the online content marketplace by CBC/Radio-Canada, and the VR/AR content creation platform by OVA. Manuel Badel previously served as a manager at Telefilm Canada, deputy director for the Canada Media Fund programs, and film-TV tax credit manager at SODEC. Over the years, he has built up strong professional networks in public and private sectors in Canada and at an international level.

Manuel Badel draws on a solid background in management, finance, marketing and e-commerce from École des HEC Montréal (B.B.A. and Graduate Diploma) and McGill University (project management). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Network of Innovation Clusters, the MIM (Montreal in Motion) series of events, is an advisor for the startup, and is a member of Xn Québec and of the network of Ambassadors of the city ​​of Lyon (Only Lyon).

Contact   |   514-607-3640

Montréal, QC, CANADA

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