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Since the beginning of 2016, distributed ledger technologies, such as blockchain, have been part of Badel Media's expertise and project development. Strong networks have been developed with specialists in the field, enabling the rapid identification of expert resources needed to develop complex projects. In 2017, Badel Media initiated and helped fund, through the Canada Media Fund, the first blockchain prototype in the broadcast industry in Canada: Blockchain TFO (Group Média TFO). The results of this proof of concept were presented at the European Film Market in Berlin. The conference, presenting a variety of experiments under development internationally, was conceived by Badel Media and organized in collaboration with Telefilm Canada. It was a first on blockchain and the film industry at a major festival (Berlinale-EFM - February 2018).

Let's Change with Blockchain!  - A co-creation Workshop on blockchain solutions to address industry issues related to film distribution, media content distribution, and diversity on screen. 

Telefilm Canada - EFM - Berlinale 2018 

In 2019, with the support of the Canada Media Fund, Badel Media started the development of Platz.


Platz is a decentralized system for accessing any information related to a media production. It accelerates and secures transactional processes and allows for greater traceability and monetization of rights. Through more efficient data access and management, Platz is a Virtual Data Room that enables informed decision-making and can particularly contribute to real and measurable impact investing.


Tokenizing the Film Industry - A panel on how film financing, production, marketing and distribution can benefit from tokenization and NFT-based approaches. 

Telefilm Canada - TIFF - 2018

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