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Blockchain and media sectors - An overview of the Industry Research Report Key Findings 

Next - Marché du Film - Cannes International Film Festival 2019

In terms of research, these include:

Writing of the first report in Canada on: Blockchain technology and the Canadian media industry (2019) 



Badel Media has extensive experience with major public and private industry stakeholders in Canada and at an international level. This experience and network provides Badel Media and its partners with a very good understanding of the media ecosystem and the regulatory, financial, economic and commercial environments of content production and distribution in Canada and internationally.


Badel Media is very aware that the adoption of innovation in an industry relies heavily on sharing knowledge, understanding the issues and experimenting with solutions.


Beyond consulting, Badel Media is also active in research, training and education

Contribution to the Building Canadian Consensus: Our Maturing Blockchain Ecosystem, by the ICTC (2020)


White Paper on Token-based systems for rights management and impact investing (social and sustainability) in creative industries (to be published in 2021).

In terms of education (design of workshops) and organization of industry outreaches, we can highlight: 


  • Telefilm Canada (2016-17): Talents to Watch Program - Marketing, Monetization and Financing

  • Québec International: funding for the video game sector

  • Forum Culture and Digital Xn Qc 2017

  • RDV Canada - EFM Horizon / Berlinale 2018: Let's Change with Blockchain!

  • RDV Canada - TIFF Industry 2018: Tokenizing the Film Industry

  • WISE @ NY 2018: XR Experience in Education

  • EFM 2019 & FilmChain: Blockchain in Motion

  • Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademy - Nairobi Film Festival 2019: Let's Change with Blockchain!


Let's Change With Blockchain! - A co-creation Workshop on blockchain solutions to address industry issues related to film distribution, media content monetization, and diversity on screen. Telefilm Canada - EFM - Berlinale 2018 

Tokenizing the Film Industry - A panel on how film financing, production, marketing and distribution can benefit from tokenization and NFT-based approaches. Telefilm Canada - TIFF - 2018

Since the Berlinale-EFM conference early 2018, and based on research works and projects in development, more than 40 presentations have been given, such at the AFM and Next-Le Marché du Film in Cannes.

Conferences and panels by Badel Media and press coverage


Interested in designing, organizing and giving a conference and/or workshop for creative industry professionals?

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