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Blockchain and Creative and Media Industries

As an expert in the application of the blockchain in the media and creative industries, Badel Media has been a pioneer since 2016 in evaluating the possibilities of implementing this approach to address the issues of rights, financing and content monetization. In 2017-18, Badel Media initiated with TFO Media Group the first experiment in the Canadian television industry. Since 2019, the studio has been developing the Dpac/Kino platform, whose objectives are to energize connections between investors and creators, and between creators and their audiences.

Financial engineering and business strategy

Badel Media has been involved in more than 100 mandates since 2015. Based on a concrete involvement in the Canadian media environment and a vast knowledge of the public and private organizations that characterize it, Badel Media benefits from market intelligence that is strategic. The objective is the realization of innovative concepts and solid business models. 


publications & impact

Badel Media is at the crossroads of digital technologies and the media and creative industries. Since the beginning of 2018, Badel Media has been involved in 35 conferences, panels and workshops. Badel Media was author and partner of the first research report on the blockbuster and the media industry in Canada (2019) and organized the 1st conference on the subject at a major international film festival (Berlinale - EFM 2018).